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ADA Inspection Services

ADA Inspections

ADA Insoections

ADA Expert Inspections provides Tier I, II, & III level inspections and assessments on buildings and properties.  We do this in accordance with ASTM E 2018 as well as FHA, ADA Code, UFAS, & Statutory guidelines.   The assessments of your building or property include a thorough walk-thru of your facility with complete measurements and photographic evidence which will be required to report your compliance level with the ADA. 

We also perform ADA compliance reviews of preliminary designs and construction documents to assure compliance with the ADA guidelines. 

Accessibility is one of many parts of due diligence performed when purchasing or refinancing a building. Poor accessibility decreases the value of a building.  ADA Expert Inspections can perform these assessment and determine your level of accountability.

Certification of these designs help   state or local building officials realize the compliance with the accessibility codes which allows business owners, builders, developers, and architects obtain permits for their projects. ADA Expert Inspections can perform this task. 

Guest Speaker & Training

ADA Guest Speaker and Training

ADA Expert Inspections offers speaking engagements and training seminars to Architects, Engineers, Building Officials, Building Mangers, Building Owners, and any other group wanting to find out more about the ADA.

We help ensure compliant design, construction document review, and barrier removal programs that focus on ADA-FHA-Code Accessibility compliance.   We can customize our training sessions  to meet your particular needs.  

Our training seminars are informative, educational, and entertaining.  We provide the current ADA guidelines in a concise and revealing manner which is proven to be very enlightening.

We can customize our seminars to meet your needs.  We can do a 15 minute 'lunch and learn' session, up to a half-day seminar.  Call today to find out how we can assist you.

Expert Witness Testimony


ADA Expert Inspections can act as a litigation consultant, testifying witness, or neutral mediator.   We can provide credible professional testimony in a comprehensive and reliable manner. Serving as a witnesses in a trial, arbitration, or mediation, AEI is capable of withstanding rigorous cross-examination while maintaining professionalism and objectivity.

Lawsuits and complaints can be very costly if not handled promptly and professionally.  We will work with your attorney, or as an independent third party expert witness.

Compliance with the ADA laws and guidelines can help you avoid costly lawsuits which generally can start at over $11,000.00.  Our fees to act on your behalf to mitigate those fees and fines are substantially less.