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ADA Service Fees

ADA Inspection Pricing and Fees

How much is it?

How much are the fees for ADA Inspections, Guest Speaker, and Expert Witness Testimony services offered by ADA Expert Inspections, LLC?  That is the same as asking how much is a car?  As with the variety of cars, so are the number of ADA services that we provide.  Call us and give us an idea of what you are looking for so we can determine the scope of work you have and we will determine what you are needing to attain ADA Compliance and therefore your fee for that service.

ADA Inspections

You get what you pay for

You can find people who will do your inspections cheaper, but you get what you pay for.  If you want a thorough and professional ADA Inspection or other service, call ADA Expert Inspections, LLC.  We are still very economical but can save you thousands of dollars in ADA non-compliance legal fees.

ADA Inspections & Compliance - ADA Expert Inspections


Once the scope of work is determined, a contract of services is signed.  We collect 50% of the overall fee up front and the balance when the service or report is complete.  We accept most forms of payment and are willing to work with you to solve your ADA compliance needs.